This is the first teaser of the new Audi A5, the second generation of the coupe that will be presented on June 2

Audi A5was doing to pray. The past year saw as destapaba finally the new generation of the Audi A4, so that the new Audi A5 should do the exact same thing not much later than his brother. Waiting, waiting and waiting, we have arrival up here, may, when it has finally revealed the date of the presentation of the new coupe, the 2 of June. Less than a month to be able to see the silhouette end of the German. For those of us who are more impatient, the company has released the first teaser of its new model, although do not expect to get out of doubts with this advancement.

The new Audi A5 is expected to eager. The first generation of the model, and the only, was born in 2007. Since then we have seen a good number of variants, Cabrio, Sportback, S5, or RS5, the latter being an acronym corresponding to the most radical model which, by the way, ended its production few months ago. Also in these nine years, we have received a restyling, which was updating some elements of the coupe and the drivers, an update that has had the arduous task of fighting with the new 4 Series BMW, and the renewed C-Class Coupe from Mercedes.

Audi A5

Current Audi A5

it Is expected that the new Audi A5 inherits all the arsenal technology of his brother, the modern A4. Also, as it has done the latter, we can ensure that will reduce its total weight in a significant way with respect to the generation currently on sale. As we see in this first advance, the silhouette will continue to be faithful to the one we see today, undergoing changes in the lighting equipment, grille, bumper and, of course, in the interior, a space that will look more clean and tidy.

The range of mechanical, if there are no surprises, will have diesel and petrol engines of four and six-cylinder. The first, formed by the mechanical TDI, they will offer power outputs of between 150 and 272 HP. In contrast, the second, commanded by the TFSI, will reach up to 252 horse power. The Audi S5 is expected will be the heart of 3.0-liter TFSI with 354 horses of power. Later will come the Audi RS5, although it is still early to tell if it is decanted for a six-cylinder engine, or will rely on the eight cylinders in V.

The new Audi A5 will be presented on June 2 in an event that can be watched live from the website of the brand.

Source – Audi

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