This is the Honda Civic Concept, a preview of his tenth generation


Without anyone expected, Honda was surprised today when presenting to New York for prototype that advances the forms acquire tenth generation Civic hit the market late this year, first in its format sedan. Will turbocharged and body coupe and hatchback .


Honda-Civic-Concept-2016 H wave surprised everyone today in the Motor Show in New York , with the debut of the prototype next generation Civic . This week we learned that the Civic will move its production plant UK , from which the brand plans supply major markets around the world.

To meet the demand of various international markets, the new generation Honda Civic will be offered in a variety of alternatives, which are the bodies sedan, coupe, hatchback and versions Sports Si and Type-R .

Honda says it is the more sporty and aggressive in the history of the model, with planning revolutionize the market for compact cars Civic.

The first new Civic to market will be the Sedam, which will be offered for sale during the last quarter, which more trade will follow the coupe body. Then will be the turn of sports Yes then know the variant hatchback, to be hatchback and the most extreme of all, who shall be Type-R .

The Honda Civic Concept that debuted today in New York, has a turbo engine, which is the same that will give life to tenth generation model.





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