This is the Honda Civic that will participate in the Red Bull Global Rallycross 2016

Honda Civic GRCThe Championship Global Rallycross is placed as a competition really picky. And it is this level of demand is not only for the rider, but also for the car, and having to do it in front of these vehicles to jumps that put the goosebumps only show up after a monitor. The tests combine earth and asphalt wears away to the drivers who have to keep our eyes wide open. Direct to cope with this challenge comes the Honda Civic Global Rallycross 2016, one of the participants of this year’s edition that will make its debut in may.

This new spartan is based on the modern Honda Civic, but adds different accessories that strengthen your body for obvious reasons. In the same way it receives a paint scheme that combines blue, white and red, and where it appears, as, the emblem of Red Bull, the sponsor of this discipline. This Civic ready for the Global Rallycross mounts a engine boosted up to 600 HP, energy with which breaks the 0-100 in 2 seconds or less. In addition to mounting a suspension system of high performance and an improved transmission.

Honda Civic GRCThe Honda Civic GRC will make its debut on the 21st of may in Phoenix in the first round of the Red Bull Global Rallycross 2016. The team Olsbergs MSE will be the one to throw this car to the competition team by the way that finished runner-up in 2015 from the hand of Sebastian Eriksson after a controversial last test which ended up giving the championship to Scott Speed with his Volkswagen Beetle.

The team manager of advertising for American Honda Motor, Nick Lee, was very pleased with the participation of the Honda Civic in this championship. The same said that the “Global Rallycross is a competition extreme, and is a great platform to display the new Civic Coupe to a young audience, and enthusiastic.”

Source – Honda

Honda Civic GRC
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Honda Civic GRC
Honda Civic GRC

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