This is the Honda FCV production


The Honda FCV production will be one of the novelties that the Japanese take the Tokyo Motor Show. It is a sedan that operates on a fuel cell fueled by hydrogen.


Honda FCV H wave released the first picture of your vehicle powered by fuel cell . The Honda FCV will have its official debut next month in the framework of Tokyo Motor Show .

This is a sedan based on the prototype with the same name presented some time ago, which hit the market to compete directly against the Toyota Mirai. Use two electric motors powered by a fuel cell that operates on hydrogen.

At the moment the official information is scarce beyond the type of food, but Honda promises that the FCV have a range of 700 kilometers . Visually we can say that her beauty is not its main virtue, especially for some of its aerodynamic solutions , which forced to provide it with elements such as the rear wheel arches that cover the top of the wheels, bit like the old Citroen 2CV.

For more details (for now) called Honda FCV will have to wait for his debut in the Tokyo Motor Show , if the Japanese house does not decide to overtake some data above.



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