This is the Infiniti Q60, pulling out the teeth of their european competition and sharpening his V6 turbo

Infiniti Q60 has erupted in the NAIAS of Detroit as the novelty of the brand globally. The Q60 is a coupe with two doors, the direct successor of the saga initiated by the G35 and continued by the G37, renamed to Q60 in its final throes of life commercial. Infiniti introduces us to a Q60 without fear, with a spectacular design and a new generation of 6-cylinder engines supercharged by turbo. It is said, it is said, that the coupes traditional German bed uncomfortable this night, uneasy.

We like that this Q60 hardly differs from the concept presented a year ago. The prototypes of Infiniti are faithful to the final product.

the design of The Infiniti Q60 falls in love with. Clean lines and dynamic, this coupe proportions, harmonic offers a breath of fresh air to a segment traditionally dominated by Germany. Next to the Lexus RC, you begin to form a offensive japanese coupes means rear-wheel drive, a trend with which we could not be more pleased. As distinctive features, the Q60 gives us a front with a marked calender “of the house” and a curious jog in the C-pillar, which promises to become one of their hallmarks.


Of size possibly very similar to the Q60 outgoing, the air of familiarity is undeniable. Yes, it is an evolutionary design, but he has not stayed stagnant. Take a look at the beautiful behind, with her two restrained exhaust pipes and a nice LED optical systems. The tires can be up to 20 inches serial – I would opt for a 18 or 19 inches – and in its side profile we have two discrete vents. Do you have a design that is restrained? Yes, but it is much more risky and different from that of a BMW 4 Series, for example.

Three engines different between 211 HP and 405 HP articulated the range Q60.

In your cabin, there are no big surprises. The japanese in general, and Infiniti in particular make inside of a good quality and very practical, but without many concessions to the design. Its appearance is functional, and its central console is configured to the old-fashioned way: with a central display without touch control. This is what we would say of other Infiniti: Q60 we have nothing less than two innovative touch screens twin, part of the infotainment system InTuition, customizable with apps and a multitude of settings.


Up to 400 HP and an advanced dynamic power-turbo

The Infiniti Q60 than that of the previous generation was only available with one engine 3.7 V6, part of the family VQ engines. The Q60 debuts a new family of V6 engines turbo-charged. Called VR30, the engine with two turbochargers architecture and V6 three-litre is available in two versions: the first develops to 405 HP and 475 Nm of torque between 1,600 rpm and 5,300 rpm, while its second version develops 304 HP, with a torque more moderate: 400 Nm, available between 1,600 rpm and 5,200 rpm.

We will be able to select from three degrees of responsivity to a steering system that announces spectacular.

In some markets (possibly Spain) the access engine will be a 2.0 turbo with 211 HP – source Mercedes-Benz – and 350 Nm of torque. All the power of these engines will pass to the ground through the rear-wheel drive, with the option of a traction drive system, total standing – which also favours the rear-wheel drive. What at any time it is said is if there will be option to manual gearbox: all engines will be associated series with a new automatic gearbox seven relations and torque converter.

infiniti-q60-coupe-2016-10The cockpit of this coupe is promised of the most interesting: of series, will feature a system called Direct Adaptive Steering. An electric power steering system that will have three modes of feedback (Default, Dynamic, and Dynamic+), selectable individually with respect to the driving modes of the vehicle itself (Standard, Sport and Sport+). This steering system is a hydraulic-electronic – not only electric with variable assistance and a degree of response that is advertised, spectacular.

To finish, the car features adjustable suspension, electronics-dependent driving modes. The Infiniti Q60 will go on sale in 2016.


Source: Infiniti
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