This is the interior of the Tesla Model 3


the interior of The Tesla Model 3 is depicted as it circulates through the street

For the first time, we get a picture of the inside of the Tesla Model 3 driving on the street. The cockpit of the future access model the brand is portrayed, showing a design very differentiated with respect to their older brothers. The photo is filtered, whose original publication in instagram has disappeared, we are shown a steering wheel flattened, an enormous digital display that juts out of the dashboard and clean surfaces.

The large digital display as main control of the functions of the vehicle that is already the hallmark of the Tesla, however unlike the well-known Model S and Model X, the Model 3, the touch pad is not integrated in the central console but that sticking out of the dashboard by taking a higher position. This is installed horizontally and not in vertical like the current models, which gives more personality to this saloon access.

Another peculiarity that is very important is that the Tesla Model 3 images has no table of instruments behind the wheel. This could have been replaced by a Head-Up Display that we do not see, nor be seen no hole in the dashboard for the projection, or simply all that information is displayed on the large screen installed in the dashboard, hence, its position so high.


The image coincides with the other of the interior of the prototype previously published by CarScoops

With a large touch screen in the horizontal and without a scorecard

This image shows us that the Tesla Model 3 is rolling through the streets but let us remember that it is still in prototype stage so that we expect them to appreciate changes when the production version. The own Elon Musk said that the interior of the Model 3 would be different to that of the concept when this arrives to the customers so that there is still the possibility that finally we find ourselves with a handy dashboard as in the Model S/X, as well as an interior somewhat less minimalist in favor of functionality.

The Tesla Model 3 will be the model of access to the brand despite the fact that will come to the end of 2017 has already achieved a success very prominent: more than 400,000 orders, formal accompanied by a payment of $ 1,000 to each of them. The access release of the Model 3 will cost $ 35,000, little more than 30,000 euros at the exchange, and shall be provided with a package of batteries 60 kWh capacity that will allow you to go up to 350 km with a single charge. The owners of the Model 3 will be available the mode Ludicrous and be able to use the network of supercargadores Tesla but unlike the owner of a Model S or X will have to pay for their use.