This is the Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA, a preview of the next CLS


The IAA Mercedes-Benz Concept debuted a day before they open the doors of the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is a prototype with a 0.19 aerodynamics, which forms ahead of next CSL.


Mercedes-Benz-Concept-IAA-1 M ercedes-Benz presented on the eve of Frankfurt Motor Show a gifted prototype for a series of aerodynamic developments assets and futuristic design, which It presents a drag coefficient of only 0.19. This is the Concept IAA , which had been advanced a few days becomes one with a picture that left not guess that it was too.

The sedan has an extensible body, which is what helps you achieve your excellent drag coefficient . Ensure that both the format of your silhouette, and its dimensions are a preview of what will soon see more stick hit the market the third generation of Mercedes CLS , which will arrive on the market in 2017.


Stretch your body and modifies the front to improve its aerodynamics.

Upon reaching 80 kilometers per hour your body becomes spreading its tail , increasing its length, while the front bumper and grille are modified to improve airflow under the car and wheel arches. Despite its futuristic design, since the brand they say that much of what can be seen on this prototype will end production models more quickly.

When set in its design mode, the IAA is 100 longer than the current CLS millimeters. But when your body enters the aerodynamic mode, it extends 185 mm, reaching 5.43 meters long .

If the body looks futuristic, the cabin is even more so. It is based on the format of Class S, highlighting its large screen high definition and a center console with touch controls . Ensure that the format of the interior forward much of what will soon be seen in the next generation of Class E.

Under the hood is a system plug-in hybrid combines a turbocharged 4-cylinder 2.0 liter engine with a 80hp electric motor, achieving a combined output of 275 hp force .




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