This is the new BMW 5-Series, the berlin of German will be presented very soon

P90228102_highRes_fully-automated-optithere Are few weeks remaining to see a full-fledged new BMW 5-Series. The berlin German, in its new generation, will come to compete you to you with the Mercedes Class E. And is that the model of the star has landed with a new face and a level of technology is difficult to match. If you don’t fail the math, at the Detroit motor show, early next year, we will see the new edition of the 5 Series. A model that is now the trademark public images on its stage of development.

Really the company wants to give to know one of the new systems that you are using to develop the new BMW 5-Series. It is a system capable of making a mold of a 3D vehicle to analyze, and may with him to review all elements of the same. This is the first time that a technology of these features are used in the automotive industry, getting with her that the times are reduced significantly. Equally improving the quality of the process, improving the development of the model.

P90228104_highRes_fully-automated-optiIn regards to the novelties that will come with the BMW 5-Series, there is talk that we will find a chassis that mixes aluminum and carbon fiber inherited directly from its big brother the 7 Series. You will find technology to highlight as the headlight system or laser gestural control of the multimedia system. In the range mechanics we have the options completely revised declared fuel consumption and lower emissions. In addition, it is rumored that we could see an engine turbo three-cylinder.

, and we Still have to wait a few more months to meet the new BMW 5-Series. The berlin German that will revolutionize the segment E.

Source – BMW

BMW Serie 5
BMW Serie 5
BMW Serie 5
BMW Serie 5

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BMW Series 5

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