This is the new BMW X1 to China with a wheelbase lengthened


it is no surprise that BMW is working on new versions of its compact SUV X1. In Europe will be presented soon to the BMW X1 seven-seater, and in addition China you have your own version. There prevails “the bigger, the better”, and among the range of many models (mostly SUVs or sedans) versions are offered with body elongated.

These first images of the design patents to the next BMW X1 LWB have been filtered by the chinese web, and leave little place for uncertainty. Its main change will be your greatest battle, increasing their distance between the axles, with about 100 millimetres more with respect to the BMW X1 standard, which offers 2,67

Although it is still impossible to confirm, your final name would be BMW X1 Li, adopting the suffix of ‘Li’ that is usually present in all models bavarian elongated, as the new BMW 730Li exclusive to China. The images do not show relevant changes in its exterior design, beyond this greater distance between axles, and all the signs of identity of the X1 of the second generation will remain intact, except a few rear doors a bit larger.

In its interior, this imminent BMW X1 Li will have a longitudinal gap slightly larger in their rear, so that the three passengers later will have more comfort to you when you place your legs. This BMW X1 extended will be exclusive to China, and it will be very difficult to reach to other markets: as we already we have, in Europe, their place will be occupied by the BMW X1 seven-seater.