This is the new Borgward BX7


The legendary brand Borgward is officially back. At the Frankfurt Motor Show will present the Borgward BX7 officially. It is a C-segment SUV that will cost € 26,000.


Borgward-BX7-1 N or is new to the current market demands SUV segment B and C. What is new is that Borgwad finds risen from the ashes to bring to life a new premium SUV that fits in the C segment and aims to compete against the products of the three German luxury brands.

This is the Borgward BX7, the first model of the resurgent German mark, which comes with a design that is at least different from what you find in the market today. On the front there is a huge grill with vertical bars, where the emblem of the new Borgward rhombus falls, plus some other design features such as a high waistline and muscular look thanks their bulging wheel arches. In the posterior region, a large emblem with the letters Borgward complete design, a set of fine German appearance.

The new Borgward BX7 has 4.7 meters long and ability to s IETE occupants and although they have not yet released pictures of the inside, has a capacity of maximum load of 1344 liters with the seats folded down completely, which is variable depending on the seating configuration chosen, either five, six or seven seats.


Borgward returns to try to compete against the German premium brands.

Among its standard equipment options may be elements such as a system of information and entertainment equipped with a 12.3 inch screen with smartphone connectivity and Wi-Fi, plus systems driving assistance to , among which includes braking pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control and 360-degree camera, among many others.

Mechanically, the BX7 uses a turbo engine with 2.0-liter block engine, which produces 224 horsepower and is associated with an automatic transmission with double clutch 7-speed. It also has four-wheel drive with electronically controlled multi-plate clutch supplied by BorgWarner. But there will also be a variant plug-in hybrid , riding the same 2.0-liter engine associated with the front axle and a second electric motor that drives the rear axle, with a total output of 401 horses and a range electric mode that reaches 55 kilometers.

The Borgward BX7 will come first to the Chinese market and major emerging markets during the course of 2016. Its launch in Europe while a year later it will happen. are expected to depart in prices in Germany € 26,000 .




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