This is the new eight-speed automatic transmission of Kia

Kia Cadenza caja de cambios automática 8 velocidadesKia leads since 2012 working on a component that will be critical for some of their models from now on. This is a new eight-speed automatic transmission and is made specifically for vehicles front wheel drive. Its main objectives are to increase efficiency and the reduction of noise and vibrations. During the process of development, the hyundai brand has recorded up to 143 patent.

Because Kia had already had an experience in automatic gearboxes of eight speeds, but for rear wheel drive vehicles. But with the front-wheel-drive the challenge was greater, since it would be mounted transversely instead of longitudinally) and would have that to reduce its dimensions. The case is they seem to have gotten it with a vengeance, as the new transmission weighs 3.5 kg less the other six-speed automatic.


To achieve such a reduction in dimensions and weight has been decreased the size of the oil pump. This also results in a higher efficiency and which has not as much power loss as in other boxes. Another of the solutions employed has been the simplification the structure of the valve body. Now there are only 12 valves control of the transmission while before there were 20. This results in a few changes of macha faster.

The incorporation of a clutch and two gears additional in front of the six-speed automatic has more advantages. For example, the relationship between the highest gear and the lowest has improved to 34%, giving rise to a improved fuel economy. The new eight-speed automatic transmission will be premiered in the Kia Cadenza 2017. Will be linked to the twin-turbo V6 of 3.3 liters and it is expected that your behavior be very soft and you can hardly notice the changes. In the future be extended to other models.

Kia Cadenza caja de cambios automática 8 velocidadesSource – Kia