This is the new generation of Chevrolet Spark


2016 Chevrolet Spark E he context Motor Show in New York was chosen by General Motors to introduce the world to the fourth generation Chevrolet Spark. It is a global Compact Segment A , to be offered in more than 40 markets around the globe and that is renewed offering something more habitable than its predecessor.

The new Spark has a longer wheelbase than the outgoing model, while it is 40 mm lower.

It actually is an Opel Karl, whom you will simply have modified the front and rear field to give the brand identity Chevrolet. That means aesthetically won a more mature form that the previous generation model, while incorporating a number of new technologies.


Based Karl Opel, GM changed the front to give life to the new Spark.

The front integrates double grill that shapes the current brand image of Chevrolet. The headlights keeps the proportions of using the model of Opel, albeit with some different strokes, while the hood was adapted for new format having the grill, like the bumper, which has a different style.

On the posterior almost no difference between the two models, since share the headlights unchanged . However the tailgate has some subtle alterations in the Spark especially to accommodate enrollment, as in Karl is on the bumper.

Under the hood, the new Chevrolet Spark 2016 has a completely new engine with block 1.4-liter produced 98 horsepower , which means increased power by 16% compared to the outgoing model. The engine is associated with a five-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable system with CVT.

As the product of Opel, the new Spark incorporates elements security such as notice of involuntary change lanes, automatic braking in town to prevent abuses or notice of objects in the blind spot mirrors, among the most notable. The fourth generation of the Chevrolet Spark will be launched commercially in the United States during the last quarter of this year.

2016 Chevrolet Spark


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