This is the new generation of the Audi A4


Audi-A4-3 A Audi released the first images and official information fifth generation Audi A4. With an outward appearance that can not hide its continuity, in its fifth installment A4 reaches the market [1.99901 million] with more technology than ever and size, such as in most brands in recent times, what about the heights of the A6 a few years ago.

Based on a modified platform, Audi claims to have achieved weight reduction in some versions reaches 120 kg , while improvements in aerodynamics allowed achieving a drag coefficient of 0.23, that is the lowest in its category. Its length is now 4.73 meters , while its wheelbase reaches 2.82 meters.

His aesthetic evolution is limited, but added a lot of technology.

course design aesthetically not have much new and in fact it’s almost like a kind of large-scale A3 sedan. The most significant developments are related to the new grille that takes a format double wishbone, new optical groups optionally may incorporate [1.99901 million] headlights matrix [1.99901 million] LED and about rear lights are also equipped with lights with LED technology.

Inside is where evolution is perhaps the most notorious and Audi features equip their cars with excellent quality finishes. The most important change has to do with their new fully digital instrument panel , with a screen 12.3 inches in which all functions are grouped.

Audi-A4-1 also it has renewed infotainment system with a floating screen until 8.3 inches , which can be operated via rotary switch located on the center console. It also has a new sound system signed by Bang & Olufsen 3D sound, Apple and Android carplay Auto.

Among the new technologies, renewed A4 is offered with a novel system [1.99901 million] electromechanical steering that can vary its steering ratio according to speed, [1.99901 million] adaptive cruise control speed allowing maintain distance from the vehicle ahead in terms of improving comfort in situations of heavy traffic, traffic sign recognition, automatic parking, pedestrian detection with automatic braking and lane control system, among many others.

Mechanically the new Audi A4 will be available with seven different propellants. There will be four diesel [1.99901 million] TDI with powers [1.99901 million] between 150 and 272 hp , while [1.99901 million] the TFSI will range from 150 to 252 horsepower . Engines may be associated with both a manual six-speed transmission as an S-tronic seven-speed double-clutch or eight-speed automatic, plus the all-wheel drive Quattro.

Its marketing will begin in major international markets after its passage through the Frankfurt Motor Show to be held in September.



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