This is the new generation of the BMW 7 Series


BMW-Serie-7-2015-2 H oy debuted in Germany [1.99901 million] new generation BMW 7 Series, the flagship of the German house, which comes with more technology than ever. At the technological level, the new 7 Series sets the pace for what you know in the rest of the range of BMW in the coming years.

The platform is built in steel, aluminum and carbon fiber.

Although BMW released the first pictures and information, the new 7 Series will have its official debut in the forthcoming [1.99901 million] Frankfurt Motor Show , making its commercial debut will be in October. Its design is not revolutionary aesthetic level, has more dimensions, since in his extended body variant is now 14 centimeters longer .

The Front won a double kidney grille with large, combined with Laserlight headlights . It seems that designers were based on the main features of the previous generation, added to the DNA present in the current Class 3 and Class 4.

The new 7 Series is built on a hybrid platform technology Carbon Core which [1.99901 million] combines materials such as steel, aluminum and carbon fiber , whereby BMW was able to reduce his weight of 130 kilograms compared to the outgoing model.

Where if a revolution is live inside that stands out for having a screen system gestural iDrive Touch requires not pose fingers on it, as it recognizes their hands without touching. The infotainment system uses big screen 10.2 inches that through the movement of the hands allows access to multimedia functions integrated system or browser. It also has a digital instrument panel keeps the analog format indicators.


are equipped with an autonomous system of parking without driver on board.

quality of its finishes, often handmade, where no lack of leather and aluminum stands out.

As usual in the model, the space in the rear seats is more than generous. On the other hand, it has technologies like phone charging wirelessly an tablet 7-inch optional plug you can control the car’s functions and a package called Ambient Air releasing flavoring in the cabin.

One of the main new technologies is related to the [1.99901 million] autonomous driving because with the new BMW 7 Series debuts system called Remote Control Parking , which allows parking the vehicle without the need for a driver on board.

The system operates through the remote control at the brand called Display Key, which has a small screen and a button by which the parking maneuver is performed in automated mode .

BMW-Serie-7-2015-5 Under the hood will be offered with a choice of three options from the six-cylinder Twin Power Turbo uses the BMW 740i, which produces 326 horsepower, the [1.99901 million] V8 twin-turbo 4.4-liter and 450 horsepower gives life to the BMW 750i xDrive and diesel option based on a six-cylinder 3.0-liter and 265 hp in the BMW 730d.

On the other hand, BMW announced a plug-in hybrid variant called 740e based on a 4-cylinder engine and 2.0 liters, which is combined with an electric motor, with a total power of 326 hp and a top speed of 120 km / h [1.99901 million] a range of 40 kilometers in pure electric mode .

In all cases the propellers may be associated with an automatic transmission of eight relations.

All 7 Series come with a set of [1.99901 million] air suspension standard, which automatically adjusts the ride height with a comfortable mode and a sport behavior in which the clearance regarding It reduces soil. In addition it provides a system [1.99901 million] direction in the four wheels called X Steer Dynamic Damper Control, and four-wheel drive [1.99901 million] xDrive .



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