This is the new generation of the RAM 1500, which premieres microhibridación

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles renewed the RAM 1500, with a generational shift that preserves its main signs of identity. Mechanically debuts a system of microhibridación of 48 volts.

Orne of the novelties this week are making their debut in the Detroit Auto show 2018 is the new generation of the RAM 1500, the pick-up full size for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is renewed completely managing to preserve its essence.

a first glance might seem to be an upgrade, but in reality it is a generational that comes with larger dimensions and a drastic reduction of weight, in addition to some what’s new in-plane mechanical and in the provision.

the outside of the model remains true to its classic style, although it adds a design as something more fluid and aerodynamic, although managing to preserve its main signs of identity, essentially in the front, which retains the grill of large dimensions, but adds a few new groups optical design more slim, that in the later versions equipped have technology Bi-LED.

according to the finish modifying some external aspects like the grille or the bumper and the trim, which in the case of the versions geared to its use outside of the road are black instead of chrome. In some cases, added some alloy wheels specific design, special tires and suspensions high with Bilstein.

The interior has also been renovated and it is here where the generation jump is made more evident thanks to the incorporation of new technologies and an endowment more rich, which includes a system of information and entertainment with screen of twelve inches of a vertical arrangement, in addition to new materials and trim that are able to improve the perceived quality.

Thanks to the use of lightweight materials, with aluminum, andl-new RAM 1500 is lighter than its predecessor, despite being larger. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles resorted to the use of steels of altra resistance and some elements of the bodywork in aluminum, so as to achieve to reduce your weight more than 100 kilograms.

In-plane mechanical there are also important new developments, while it retains the well-known engines-gasoline Pentastar V6 3.6-liter with 309 HP with 364 Nm of torque and HEMI V8 5.7-liter von 400 HP and a maximum torque of 55 Nm, both of which are associated with the system eTorque FCA, a 48-volt system that allows to reduce the fuel consumption and increase the engine torque under certain circumstances. It will also be available a diesel V6 3.0-liter which at the moment have not been given to meet your specifications.