This is the new generation Toyota Prius

The new 2016 Toyota Prius is now official. An outdoor aesthetic issue, the fourth generation of Toyota hybrid promises better energy efficiency.


Toyota-Prius-2016-6 T fter a series of revealing spy photos, Toyota officially presented to the fourth generation Prius , as an advance on his debut to the public, taking place in a few days more in the framework of Frankfurt Motor Show .In this fourth installment, the Toyota Prius comes with a more controversial than ever exterior aesthetics. Visually designers seem to have borrowed some stylistic concepts Mirai , although adding to her figure format liftback that has characterized the hybrid from its second generation.

The front has some familiar features of Toyota, where LED headlights are taking center stage. To the side is a curious choice for the design of the C-pillar, painted black to try to give an appearance of floating roof type, a stylistic device quite common these days. But with such a large pillar effect fades.

Toyota-Prius-2016-4 Toyota-Prius-2016-1 Toyota-Prius-2016-3

In its fourth generation, the unconventional design is maintained.

The posterior capture the attention of vertical headlamps provision and a rear glass in two sections, one below the top of the gate. Like what happened in previous generations of Prius, its designers wanted to give it an aspect that sets you apart clearly from conventional cars, but this time his imagination seems to have flown rather high.

The interior is in keeping with its whimsical exterior design and although it follows the format of the model of previous generation, add some interior elements made in plastic bright white , which although it provides a futuristic appearance almost concept car , it is also true that produces a strange contrast with the rest of the panel. Some of the white pieces are part of an induction charging system for mobile phones.

The new Prius also opens the new architecture Toyota Overall, a modular platform that will give life to a series of new models. The company claims that new tnga (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform, allows lower center of gravity and a cabin with improved habitability.


The 2016 incorporates the Toyota Prius Safety Sense, a huge package of assistance to driving.

This architecture also streamlines the chassis with the adoption of multi-link rear suspension and a front train that uses a version of the McPherson system evolved. Regarding the model which will replace the 2016 Prius is longer, wider and lower, although since the brand was assured that this issue will be more fun to drive than ever.

But beyond aesthetics and dynamic performance, the Toyota Prius 2016 stands firm in its energy efficiency. Its battery has a greater capacity and is in turn smaller than before, while its combustion engine improved its energy efficiency by 40%, promising a range that exceeds that of the model third generation by 10% .

Moreover, the list of safety features has been expanded to infinity, with the introduction of Toyota Safety Sense , a number of driver assistance systems as pedestrian detection, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control.

The new Prius 2016 is the first model of the company to benefit from this package of security technology, thanks to the adoption of the new architecture. From the brand they ensure that these elements will be extended to much of its product line by the end of 2017.

For full technical details will have to wait for his official debut will take place in Frankfurt Motor Show in just a few days.



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