This is the new Golf GTI of 265 horses Clubsport: The most powerful in the history


Volkswagen celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Golf, with the arrival of its most powerful production version in history. This is the Golf GTI Clubsport, which manages to extract 290 hp 2.0 turbo engine in the overboost mode.


Golf-GTI-Clubsport-3 L a production version of the Golf GTI Clubsport will be one of the innovations that Volkswagen will take the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. The model was developed to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Golf GTI, and continues the tradition of anniversary of the Golf GTI models launched to celebrate 20, 25, 30 and 35 model.

On this occasion also the GTI Clubsport has the privilege of having become the production Golf GTI most powerful in history, thanks to the power that engineers have managed to extract from his engine turbo 4-cylinder block and 2.0 liter , thanks to a new electronic power management achieves 256 horsepower and overboost mode may reach a peak of 290 horses for a period of 10 seconds .


In overboost mode, the 2.0 can reach 290 horsepower.

Thanks to the extra power, the records of acceleration and top speed have improved, because now can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.9 seconds when associated to double trasmino clutch DSG and 6.0 seconds with the manual gearbox. The maximum speed is 249 in both km / h with DSG and 250 km / h with the manual. All this happens with good energy efficiency, and combined cycle it consumes 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

also has some aesthetic alterations, among which include a new aerodynamic package consisting of a new front bumper and splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser, and a new rear spoiler higher dimensions in normal GTI.

Moreover alloy wheels are of specific design, both 18 and 19 inches . In addition both forward as mirrors and ceiling are painted in black color, in combination with a strip in the same color on the lower part of the body, with the inscription Clubsport to the side. In addition, the exhaust outlet with chrome finish is of a larger diameter, while the rear lights are obscured

In the cockpit the main novelty is related to the Alcantara upholstery combined with seams with red thread and a pattern of honeycomb type in the seatbacks. The shifter has the format of a golf ball , while the multifunction steering wheel is also covered in Alcantara. Inside aesthetics is complete with fixtures and moldings with a design as in the seats follows the format of honeycomb type.

For details must await its official debut will take place in the German hall next week. Golf-GTI-Clubsport-2



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