This is the new Kia Niro purely electric

Kia has presented in Korea version 100% electrical Niro, with his battery, more powerful achieved an autonomy of more than 450 kilometres. On sale initially in south Korea, the new Kia Niro EV will arrive in Europe at the end of the year.

Lfter the hybrid version plug-in, now the south Korean manufacturer has revealed the new Kia Niro 100% electric in the framework of the International exhibition of the Electric Vehicle in Jeju, Korea.

If we talk about aesthetics, version purely electric of the Niro receives some subtle exterior modifications that include a front renovated thanks to a front grille in exclusive design and almost completely occluded since the cooling needs of the electric motors are quite lower than those of heat engines, a bumper of new design, as well as some daytime running lights for LEDs, and some alloy wheels of specific format for this version.

For the momentor Kia has not released images of the interior the new Niro EV, although it may not present too many variants with respect to the conventional models, beyond the obvious differences in instrumentation.

The envelope more relevant to include multiple airbags, lane keeping, cruise control with limiter, automatic climate control, electric power steering, camera back, sensor lights, rain sensor, electric windows, leather covered steering wheel, infotainment system with touch screen, integrated navigation system etc

Mechanically speaking, the new Kia Niro EV mounted a battery high-capacity polymer lithium, since its 64 kWh will allow the Niro to go through more than 450 kilometers with a full load. Also available will be a battery and 39.2 kWh of capacity, although with this latest its autonomy is reduced to 300 kilometers with a full load. By the time the manufacturer has not given details about the power of your engine, although early information suggests that their power could exceed 200 HP.

new Kia Niro EV will come to Korea during the second half of 2018, and after his debut in the Automobile Salon of Paris 2018 that will take place in the month of October, will make its arrival to Europe and the rest of the international markets.