This is the new Renault Kwid


Renault-Kwid-3 F inally today the new model that Renault will try to give you fight in the [1.99901 million] segment A was presented in India a simple, practical and inexpensive product which is presented to the world as Renault Kwid.

Although the French manufacturer already has the Twingo Kwid born with the power motive bring a modern product segment A to emerging markets , with a focus on India, but also in South America, where it will also be produced. But also the aesthetic Kwid has a different pose with a picture of mini crossover .

The Renault Kwid is a small crossover segment A, aimed at emerging markets.

The Kwid is also the first product in this segment in brand new CMF modular platform of the Renault-Nissan alliance.

Its design is compact, though it is nearly 10 more centimeters longer than a Twingo. Its body measures 3.68 meters in length thanks to their aesthetic crossover [1.99902 million] has a [1.99901 million] clearance from the ground that is 18 cm .

His appearance arises with typical elements of this type of product, with black colored plastic moldings that cover the lower body areas and even the wheel. Aesthetics inspiration seems to be related to the current Logan and Sandero , especially his front steps and bulging wheel.

Renault-Kwid-2 In posterior, relatively speaking, are certain similarities with the Clio IV , which is evidenced by the format of the rear window, the format of the headlights and the trim curve that shapes the tailgate . Analyzing its side, with a waistline that rises to the C-pillar also similarities with the Clio IV appear to be present.

The interior we find an extremely simple design although a first glance we realize once again Renault Clio was the inspiration . The center console is what takes center stage, mounted on a floating platform in the form of a tablet, contains the functions of the multimedia system.

Since the touch screen is accessed [1.99901 million] the functions of the audio system and navigation system , while the air conditioning controls with conventional knobs are located just below. The instrument panel is fully digital although extremely simple design.

Renault Kwid debut in India , where it will be put on sale for the [1.99901 million] second half of this year , priced at around [1.99901 million] 300 000 rupees (about 4000 euros), well below the more economic model that Renault currently offered in that market, which is none other than [1.99901 million] Nissan Pulsar sold under the name Renault Pulse with price reaches 500 thousand rupees.


Aesthetically combines elements of the Logan and Sandero, as the Clio IV.

But from next year Renault Kwid also will start [1.99901 million] will be produced in Brazil to supply the market [1.99901 million] Mercosur where he will officiate in [1.99901 million ] replacement for the current Clio Mine and will be located as the most accessible in the range of the French brand model.

Mechanically be offered at India with a propeller with block three-cylinder, 800 cc and turbocharger, which have not yet released their braids specifications Detailed and is associated with a 5-speed manual transmission. For this market will be offered only with a driver’s airbag as an option, while the ABS brakes are not available. In contrast to South America where these elements are required expected at least ABS and dual front airbags .

His arrival at Europe still has not been confirmed , although it is believed that could eventually take the place of many times announced Dacia 5000 Euros, below the current Logan and Sandero.



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