This is the new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII


First image of the new Rolls.

A new filtration, just a few hours of its official presentation, reveals to us the first images of the new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII, the eighth generation of the Phantom, the model flagship of the classic range of the manufacturer of luxury british.

These images corroborate the design leaked a few weeks ago thanks to a few images of the front of the new model, which at simple view seems to have changed very little with respect to the Phantom VII. The shapes and the distribution of the elements seem very similar to the current generation, however, the English brand has had multiple changes in this area, as well as in the rest of the vehicle.

The first feature that calls the attention is the classic grill vertical, that now it looks somewhat more stylized and with the edges somewhat softened, flush instead of overlapping at the front. This brings fluidity to the morro and the lightened visually. The optics are still of rectangular shapes and are located in the same position, but these are completely different. Already do not have forms as simple and light LED daytime running circles around the outer edge, while in its interior we find optical elements separated, among which are the new optical-laser, a direct legacy of BMW.


The interior receives the same aesthetic treatment.

The front continues with this aesthetic portrait, so solid, and a feature of the mark, although all the features have been softened. Disappear at the end of the optical fog a circular, which helps to create that perception of cleaning in the front.

Lateral and rear area have the same treatment, lines and features anti-aliased but very similar to the well-known, so that it will not be surprising if someone confused this model with a restyling deep. But make no mistake, we are before a completely new model.

The new Phantom VIII launches new aluminium platform, developed by BMW and allows the vehicle to reduce its weight. In the nose we find a new V12 6.75-liter that delivers 570 HP (563 hp), a considerable jump in power with respect to the previous model.


This insertion is one of the pieces of art that can decorate the Phantom of each client.

In the interior we find the same recipe design, but with a substantial difference, and that is despite the fact that the shapes and design are very similar, the attention and the care that has been applied to every detail is apparent with just seeing these first images. In addition, each customer may customize the dashboard of his Rolls in conjunction with one of the various artists available. Being able to add details and decorative elements of the more high profile, such as the texture on the dashboard that appears in the area of the airbag.