This is the new spoiler that mounts the Subaru BRZ in the united States, what we can also see in Europe?

Subaru has renewed the Subaru BRZ, as has also made Toyota with his twin brother, the Toyota GT 86. In this renewal, the Subaru BRZ has received a very dim update aesthetic, mechanical and equipment, but what you had set in the new spoiler that has appeared on the tailgate of the Subaru BRZ 2017?

This new spoiler has a much larger size than we had seen so far, sporting a design more elevated, and more eye-catching. This made in aluminum and if you thought that it was simply an aesthetic addition these wrong.

According to point from the brand this spoiler is functional, adding a new aerodynamic load that is in charge of improving the stability of the car.

Recall that among the changes introduced are also some new optical rear, new rims and headlights, as well as a new front bumper.

in Addition, it has improved the provision of equipment and certain finishes of its interior, added 5 horses to the block boxer 4-cylinder, reaching now 205 horses which, as you know, are delivered to the rear axle and revised tuning of your chassis.