This is the Nissan Concept Gripz

Nissan Concept Gripz officially debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Since the Japanese say is not the substitute or the Juke and Qashqai.


nissan-gripz-concept-1 F inally, after a photographic advances not showing too much, Nissan presented in Motor Show in Frankfurt the prototype Gripz. It is known that in recent years the buyers are attracted to the SUV and the prototype Nissan us forward one new generation of crossovers sports aimed at a generation of younger buyers.

According to Nissan, the Gripz Concept in the same package combines the attributes of a compact crossover with the excitement and performance of a sports car. In terms of design the prototype seems to echo that description, because it comes with the very DNA of sports , which is also reflected in its interior, as inspiration took the Nissan 240Z .

Some key exterior design seem to have been borrowed from Nissan Sway, such as your grill with the V-motion format, the headlights with the format of the type boomerang and C pillar gives the roof a floating appearance a stylistic device that seems to have taken by assault the majority of design departments in recent months. It also has some sectors with exposed carbon fiber , which highlight some of their aesthetic qualities.


The Gripz could advance the format of a new sports SUV under the sub-brand Z.

Aesthetically, the Gripz own resources has a prototype, as its vertical opening doors , the absence of a B-pillar or alloy wheels 22 inches .

The interior is futuristic, but also with sports features, with a very special steering wheel with three-spoke design and instrument panel with a single large analog marker , that inside other smaller features.

Prototype size falls within the compact SUV segment and uses the EV technology, based on the hybrid system to which the mica called Pure Drive , which can already be found in products such as Nissan Leaf , in which an internal combustion engine is used to power the electric motor.

Since the mark indicates that the Nissan Gripz Concept does not arise as a direct successor of Qashqai or Juke but rather a sign of how far you can take the segment SUVs, which daily gains a greater share of the market, not only on the basis of new models, but also based on new niches which in some cases are not exploited.

also they describe it as a dual personality , and as with a bicycle, that is, a cyclist used his bike to work during the week, but you can use during the weekend for an adventure full of adrenaline. The same can happen with a crossover as the Gripz.

The Gripz measures 4,100 mm in length , 1890 mm wide and 1,500 mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,580 mm which means that it is slightly larger the current Nissan Juke. This prototype may show us the future of crossovers on the Japanese, possibly under the sub-brand Z .



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