This is the only McLaren P1 that you can afford: electric and convertible

McLaren P1 de jugueteThe car firm of Woking has released a new version, in the range of the McLaren P1. It is a new vehicle with bodywork convertible, powered by an electrical system, a driving position in a central position and with a acquisition price that anyone could afford.

Because it is electric does not mean, nor much less, that do not accelerate fast, because it is capable of to reach its top speed in only 2 seconds. What a waste of acceleration, right? One of the strong points of this new visibility version of the McLaren P1 is that it has a fascinating maneuverability, as its dimensions are more compact that the vehicle from which it stems. We can even keep it at home. But without doubt, its main asset is that, in addition to the content price, it is not necessary to have driving license. What are the negative side?, you must have less than 6 years old to ride it.

McLaren P1 de jugueteyou May think that you’re kidding, but what is certain is that in no time you’ve lied. This car has been created by McLaren to the kids of the house, that is to say, it is a toy car. Will arrive at dealers of the brand in the coming month of October for a price of 375 pounds, that change come to be about 430 euros approximately. It is not an inexpensive toy for a child who has just learned to walk, but it is a real bargain considering the prices of the products of McLaren.

Recognizes that our childhood, we already saw that we could be passionate about the world of the engine and the wheels, we would have liked to move through the halls of our house and through the park with a car like this instead of doing it on a bike. 430 euros for the sports of Woking, a pair of sunglasses and a hat starting with the brim facing back, and your son (nephew, grandson, etc) will be the most envied in the neighborhood.