This is the prototype electric Volkswagen will take to the CES

Volkswagen CES Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an event where a multitude of brands propose their technological solutions ahead of some innovations. Of course some car manufacturers will point to the appointment, which will take place in January 2016. Volkswagen is one of those who has not wanted to miss it and will come with a mysterious prototype electric.

In the single image revealed until the moment, the front of the car appears covered with a sheet. However lets see some important aspects that are lit. A few LED lamps with the shape of a semicircle and are framed in a grill that is also illuminated by a few horizontal cleats. In the middle the Volkswagen logo lit and under the headlights, a few antinieblas with a peculiar shape.

Volkswagen Bulli Concept

Volkswagen Bulli Concept

Although there are still no details on this car, some rumors suggest that it will be an evolution of the Volkswagen Bulli Concept, which was presented in 2011. In this way the brand would take up the idea of a van adapted to new technologies and with an electric propulsion system. This is why they want to develop vehicles with a lot of autonomy in 100% electric and that are affordable for everyone.

in Addition they would plan to take this model mysterious production for the 2017. Would come with a mechanical power able to go through between 400 and 500 kilometers, although also be offered with diesel and petrol engines. Still have to wait to confirm this fact, but it is more likely that this prototype that we’ll see at CES in January also, bring a new concept in connectivity.

Source – Volkswagen