This is the prototype of the Lincoln Continental that will return in 2016


The next year a new generation Lincoln Continental hit the market. But the American brand is advancing it in the format of an prototype tomorrow will debut in the Motor Show in New York .


Lincoln-Continental-Concept-3 E l Lincoln Continental has been an icon in the automobile culture of the United States for decades. The model return to the market in 2016 in the form of a large sedan and tomorrow debut as a prototype at the Motor Show in New York .

After 14 years of absence, the Lincoln Continental return in 2016.

The Continental could become a US rival for the big German sedans like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and not just for the US market but also for China, a key market given the predilection in that country by car with driver.

Aesthetically, the front is presented with a big chrome grille reflecting the new brand image of the company. Its format combines an elegant and classic design at a time, with clean lines, combined with long hood and a short front overhang.

On the front will also highlight those equipped with LED lights and laser matrix that reduce glare while achieving headlights improve visibility. The exterior is completed with alloy wheels 21 inches .

The posterior presents with a thin beam extending in a thin line across the width of the car and four exhaust outlets, as the most outstanding elements.

Lincoln-Continental-Concept-2 Inside the materials used for finishing include the Alcántara used for the seats in combination with Leather steering wheel and door panels, the sheepskin and wool carpets. Besides numerous elements within this coated with a chrome finish, while features LED ambient lighting .

The seats have used a technology that to the sizes and shapes of the occupants is set. The rear passenger side seat can recline fully then move the front seat via a button.

From a console-mounted panel, the rear passengers can also control settings for climate control and audio system . The rear-seat comfort is further reinforced with a support tray that folds out from the center console. It also has a storage compartment for drinks and more details.

Under the hood of Lincoln Continental Concept for turbocharged 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 is located. More details will be revealed after his debut will happen tomorrow in New York. Lincoln-Continental-Concept-1





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