This is the restyling of Subaru Forester


The Subaru Forester received a mid-life update in a few days more will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. The visual changes are mild.


Subaru-Forester-2016-FL U ne developments Subaru is leading to Tokyo Motor Show to be held from next October 28 will be a facelift Subaru Forester. The update includes some minor improvements visually, as well as some changes in the interior.

to Subaru Forester MY2016 it is distinguished by its front renovated now incorporated headlights with headlights full LED adaptive , a revised grille and a new bumper with a fog that also They are newly designed, while the posterior renewed very mild form headlights.

To improve ride comfort and driving dynamics , they have made adjustments to the suspension and chassis. The new setting of the suspension allows for a more comfortable ride, while a new front cross helped improve the rigidity of the assembly , while versions equipped with turbocharged receive mechanical system ‘Active Torque Vectoring’ while their engines have been revised to improve energy efficiency .

Inside, he won a new improved instrument panel as well as improvements in screen infotainment system and new fixtures. Also optionally you can mount a sound system signed by Harman Kardon , and a navigation system.

But it also has improvements in security provision , which may include the maintenance of rail systems, autonomous braking detector objects in blind spots, adaptive cruise control and speed alert point blind, among the most notable.

For further details will have to wait for his debut to be held in the Tokyo Motor Show in a few weeks. Initially it will be offered in the Japanese market, but in the course of the next months 2016 Subaru Forester come to other international markets.



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