This is the second generation of the BMW X1


BMW-X1-2016-1 L he second generation of the BMW X1 was presented today in an official way ahead of his debut before the public, to be held in the [1.99901 million] Motor Show in Frankfurt . It is the smallest of the German mark, which comes completely renovated SUV, not only aesthetically but also a [1.99901 million] new architecture based on the platform of the current Series 2 Active Tourer.

With transverse engine and front wheel drive, the new X1 is also more compact.

The new architecture means that unlike the model it replaces, the new X1 is based on [1.99901 million] transversely mounted engine and front wheel drive , although of course continue to offer all-wheel drive versions.

This platform will also serve as a basis for the next generation of X2 and Class 1, both front-wheel drive.

The new BMW X1 is smaller than the previous generation model because its length was reduced by 4 centimeters, reaching [1.99901 million] 4.43 m . It is also somewhat higher, now 1.60 meters tall and has 1.82 meters wide.

The exterior adopts this aesthetic in the latest creations of the German house, with a front that includes a large grill and one optical groups behind its appearance hides a sharp headlights LED . At either side a line of high waist and a posterior which highlights its headlights with LED lights and dual exhaust outlet provides the sporty touch is observed.


is offered with TwinTurbo 231 hp diesel engine that allows you to make a 0-100 in 6.6s.

Inside, the new X1 evolves, gaining [1.99901 million] finished with improved quality perception . Dominates the scene screen infotainment system 6.5-inch, using the iDrive system brand. The carrier improved its bounds for achieves best comfort com more knee room for passengers in the rear seats. Furthermore, the new architecture has improved the cargo space in 85 liters compared to the previous generation, making a total of [1.99901 million] 505 liters capacity .

The range of the new X1 will be articulated on the basis of [1.99901 million] sDrive FWD and [1.99901 million] xDrive with four-wheel drive, with propellers that in a first stage starting from the 15th cv and they [1.99901 million] to 231 horsepower , although the brand promises to complement the bottom of the range with options [1.99901 million] three cylinders and lower power.

The most powerful engines available so far are those offered in the xDrive25d and xDrive25i versions, what develops an output of 231 horsepower. The diesel 2.0 TwinTurbo who plays the xDrive25d is the highest performance with [1.99901 million] 231 hp power and 450 Nm of torque, which allows [1.99901 million] accelerate or 100 km / h in just 6.6 seconds , managing to turn that on average consumption is located in the 5.0 liters per 100 kilometers.

After passing through the Frankfurt Motor Show, to be held in September, the new 2016 BMW X1 will arrive in the main European markets.



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