This is the silhouette of the future successor of the Fisker Karma

Sustituto Fisker KarmaHenrik Fisker seems to be back definitely in the motor world. It will do this through Fisker Inc. will be a company focused on the development of electric vehicles based in California, united States. And now the actual entrepreneur, has announced a key new through your social networks. The image that you see is the next vehicle of the company, which will be the the successor of the Fisker Karma.

time is only a teaser, so that we may not fully appreciate all its details. What is clear is its revolutionary design, highlighting its – door-type ‘butterfly wings’. Both are opened upward and each towards one end, which will facilitate the entrance and exit to the vehicle. We also reached out to see the silhouette of the sedan, which counts some ways quite unique and futuristic.

Sustituto Fisker Karmathe style of The vehicle can take a few lines of the VLF Force 1 and VLF Destination, the latest creations of Henri Fisker. For the moment it is not known a lot of information on this future model, even its name is still an unknown. One of the things that was revealed a long time ago is that you will have a light structure made of carbon fiber and aluminum. Also you will have a interior is very spacious, beating the competition.

The new sedan, Fisker will no longer carry technology of plug-in hybrid, but that will be 100% electric. We don’t know yet nothing of its propulsion system, but the latest rumors say that it will have a autonomy of 644 kilometers (400 miles), thanks to a few batteries novel. Its launch is set for the second half of 2017, so that soon we will know more of this successor of the Fisker Karma.

Source – Henrik Fisker