This is the Subaru BRZ Concept STI Performance


Subaru-BRZ-STI-Performance-Concept-2 S Subaru is showing a possible variant of the BRZ STI few years ago. Under the Auto Show New York , debuted today a new prototype, which again returns to advance the format you could take the more extreme version of the BRZ.

Mechanically, there is little to quibble about the BRZ STI prototype, since engine directly derived from racing because it is the same motor racing ITS developed for auto racing BRZ Super GT.

But for the moment, again reappears as conceptual work , which shows the possibilities it can offer a model like the BRZ as it passes through the hands of the division sport Japanese brand.

The Subaru BRZ is a product which has been designed in conjunction with Toyota has their own version called GT86. It has front and longitudinal RWD motor. With just over 1,100 kg, the model offers excellent performance.


Subaru returns to show what can be done by STI BRZ in a conceptual work shown in New York.

His aesthetic leaves appreciate that has been heavily modified the front , depending on give it a more aggressive look. Turn a huge spoiler and diffuser can be observed in posterior reinforcing its sporty image and improving their aerodynamic performance .

Although precise details were not provided, the STI Performance Concept has turbocharged two-liter derivative that is used for competition and delivers power around the 300 horsepower , as in the BRZ GT300. Both the brake system, such as suspensions, steering and chassis elements were adjusted to perform for more sport mode .

Although the car this week is displayed in the Motor Show in New York there is a model that will occur in series, it is possible that many of his pieces pass part of the elements that Subaru marketed as Sports aimed at improving the performance of the BRZ. However, the arrival of a BRZ STI market is not completely ruled out Subaru.



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