This is the Tata Nano GenX, now with tailgate to access the luggage


Tata-Nano-GenX-2015-4 T ATA chips last played with the Nano, a model was born to try to give mobility to families of India but which he never managed to achieve the goals set by the manufacturer, even with subsequent updates. The Nano GenX to be released in their home country on 19 May is a new update , perhaps the last to have the model if sales fail to rebound.

The Nano is now offered with traditional opening tailgate.

The Nano he was never fully accepted by the public , partly because of the perceived low quality, but mainly due to technical problems that accompanied the product when it was launched. These problems even led to some units caught fire, which did not hoist rather than increase distrust by the public.

However was a good idea taking into account that in a country where literally entire families are mobilized on a motorcycle , the idea of ​​Nano as first family car was not at all far-fetched. So the Nano facelift try once again to convince an audience that seems to remain elusive.

Tata-Nano-GenX-2015-2 The Tata Nano GenX incorporates some exterior aesthetic updates including No new bumpers , new grille, headlights with black mask and new colors for the body.

The main change however be related to the inclusion for the first time a cover for rear luggage compartment, which can be opened in traditional precisely one of the points criticized regarding its design . Cargo space available is 110 liters .

also features improvements to the interior, which features a new instrument panel and a new steering wheel, inherited directly from Zest and Bolt. Regarding its equipment, the most notable is the addition of a automated transmission 5-speed, provided by Magneti Marelli . Besides the fuel tank capacity was increased from 15 liters of the previous version, up to 24 liters.

Tata-Nano-GenX-2015-1 is expected that after its launch, the Nano GenX is offered in three trim versions called XE, XM and XT . Under the hood there will be new, because it will have the same two-cylinder engine and 624cc engine, which uses the current model. This engine has a maximum power 38 horsepower and 51 Nm of torque .

On the other hand, they say the monocoque was reinforced in posterior, under accommodate the tailgate without compromising its structure. This also means that torsional rigidity of the car was favored , plus anti winning side intrusion beams in the doors, while the front crumple zone has also increased.

That’s all that Tata could do for safety Nano continues without offering airbags, and antilock brakes and of course no electronic stability control, despite zero stars N-CAP. Tata-Nano-GenX-2015-3


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