This Jaguar D-Type is converted into the british car the most expensive ever auctioned


auction car classic have taken a very important role in the Monterey Car Week 2016, and this past weekend, the price achieved by the various units has beaten all the records. To begin with, the first Shelby Cobra has been auctioned by 13,75 million dollars, becoming the american car most expensive in history.

If we talk about prices absolutely stratospheric, this Jaguar D-Type has yet reached a price quote from the top: 21,78 billion, how we are back to a “bubble” in the auction of classic cars? The bid that won the auction for this Jaguar was 19,78 million, although the final price is raised by more than two million additional because of the sales commissions.

This unit of the Jaguar D-Type, manufactured in 1955, chassis number XKD 501, has become instantly in the british car the most expensive ever sold. This form has surpassed the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, who held this record with their auction last year through RM Sotheby’s for a value of $ 14.5 million.


┬┐What is special about this D-Type to achieve such a high price? Neither more nor less than a pedigree of the exception: among his achievements include the victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1956 with the team Ecurie Ecosse, which was achieved with an average speed of 167 km/h and a maximum speed of 251 km/h reached on the Mulsanne straight.

Built with specifications of competition, is in pristine condition and completely original, including its paint ‘Scottish Blue’. We are without a doubt before one of Jaguar’s most important historical ever made, although it is still far from the absolute record in sale value: that honour continues to belong by the time the Ferrari 250 GTO auctioned in 2013 by 38 million euros.