This Jaguar XJ220 has been auctioned for 450.000€: a bargain or fair price?

What the hell happens with the Jaguar XJ220? We speak of a supercar is very exclusive, which just were built with 281 units. Just with these figures it is likely that you imaginásemos that we might be talking of figures in the order of a million euros. But no, the Jaguar XJ220 still trades below half a million euros. Recently just auctioned a Jaguar XJ220 of 1991, a beauty in tone light blue that once belonged to the famous royal family of Brunei. Its price has been about 450,000€ to the current change. 315.000 pounds that are below the price, at about 400,000 pounds, which were paid for more than two decades ago by an all-new unit. From exactly one year ago, from another auction, in which this Jaguar XJ220 already changed hands, this Jaguar has increased in value by 67.500 pounds, more or less what it costs in United Kingdom a Jaguar F-Type S 380 HP and awd. And all of that, bearing in mind that this XJ220 has not traveled or 10,000 kilometers.

Of the 1,500 customers who dealt with your booking initially, hardly sold 281 units, below even the limit of 350 units that announced Jaguar.

it Happens that the Jaguar XJ220, although many of us continue to excite, it was a failure. A sporty that did not meet the expectations that many had embodied in him. They say that this sport was born of the enthusiasm of a team of engineers, under the name of the Club on Saturday doing overtime, for the love of art, to fulfill a dream, for the fun of it.

Prior to its release, and when it is expected that regardless of means and 290,000 pounds, more than 1,500 customers had handled his booking to be made with a Jaguar XJ220, by depositing £ 50,000. They say that, in a single day, Jaguar had already raised 17 million pounds. Finally, the majority of the deposits were returned, Jaguar undertook to produce a limited run 350 units. And not even reached that limit.


The Jaguar XJ220 had to give up some aspects that amazed in the prototype of 1988 which preceded the XJ220 definitive, as its engine V12, or its doors scissor. Still, it was tremendously fast.

Jaguar could never have imagined the launch of a sports of these characteristics, but perhaps he got carried away by the enthusiasm it has generated a prototype presented in 1988. Jaguar had to revise a multitude of elements, that sit well the first prototype, but that they were giving too many headaches to the engineers. By the way, were the doors of scissors, and your engine V12, which in the end was replaced by a V6 of 3.5 liters and turbos Garrett T3.

beyond those issues, that to this day no one should worry about, the Jaguar XJ220 was extremely quick, . Until the arrival of the McLaren F1 was the vehicle production more quickly on the face of the Earth. Reached 350 km/h, it had a aerodynamic work excellent, including an in-depth study of the ground effect. Also had other peculiarities, like the use of pieces of low-cost, including the drivers rear of Escort and Orion.

But even so, how do I continues to surprise, unlike other supercars as exclusive, has not been revalued? Or simply is doing it justice with a sport that landed with a price that is too high, and an unforgivable original sin?

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