This Lada Kalina NFR is the Lada faster do you Want to know how much it runs?

Lada Kalina NFRWhen we think of the fastest car from each brand usually we come to the head what is colloquially known as “appliances big guns”. But what If we think of the fastest car of Lada?. Since then the Lada Niva does not hold that title. The answer was given to us by the own brand to present the latest model of the brand that will arrive at dealers, the Lada Kalina NFR.

According to the brand, the Lada Kalina NFR is the production car fastest ever marketed by the brand. Lada is one of the brands that compete in the WTCC together with Honda, Citroën, Chevrolet and the recent addition of Volvo. With the Lada Kalina NFR seek to enhance its sporty image, as the Lada Vesta WTCC has nothing to do with the that we can find on the road.

Lada Kalina NFRIf you expect figures of impact of the Lada Kalina NFR, you have to know that there you can find. This utility uses a motor 1.6 petrol maximum power tight up to 136 HP and is associated with a gearbox five-speed manual that sends power to the front axle. Their numbers are of 9.2 seconds in the 0-100 km/h 203 km/h of maximum speed. A Suzuki Swift Sport is faster in acceleration (8,7 seconds) but its top speed is somewhat lower.

This Lada Kalina NFR not only has received a powerful engine. It also has improvements to the chassis level as a sport suspension specific and disc brakes to the four wheels of larger dimensions with better resistance to fatigue, which incorporate technologies little novel as the ABS or the electronic distribution of the braking. The address has also been set to point to this variant NFR of “high performance”. In the exterior achieves a sporty look thanks to the alloy wheels, chrome bumper with sports and the sills, in addition to the air outlets ne the hood,

Lada Kalina NFR interior

The cloth seats sports cars are heated, something useful in Russia

The equipment will also be interesting given the characteristics of the car, with cloth sport seats heated, manual air conditioning, outside mirrors heated, rain sensor and lights, rear parking sensors and a stereo with 7″ screen and four speakers.

The diffusion of the Lada Kalina NFR will not be remarkable, since 2016, the brand is planning to market 50 units, primarily to race teams. The starting price will be of some 10,700 euros.

Source – Lada

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