This LaFerrari has broken a record at auction, but it could be the last

This weekend has been lived in Monterey, California, one of the most important auctions of recent times with awards of scandal as the this LaFerrari that has managed to change hands for no less than $ 4.7 million, and that its starting price was around 3.9 million. The supercar hybrid from Ferrari remains one of the jewels most desired and all indications are that its value will continue to grow, do you Or can you not?

laferrari-cavallo-infernale-2016-002The sale of this particular unit of the LaFerrari is believed he could achieve a sale price higher than expected given the fact that this is one of 3 units corresponding to the series Cavallo Infernale. These 3 units are produced employing an exterior color unique called DS NERO Opaque, in addition to a customization exclusive in terms of interior, rims and details. If a LaFerrari is a car that’s fairly exclusive and quoted, to speak of a limited series within its 499 units is always a plus.


But why this LaFerrari could be the last, at least for a long season, reaching the us $ 4.7 million. Houses of auction, Mecum, and RM Sotheby’s are very clear at this point that with the presentation of the LaFerrari Aperta, the LaFerrari coupe of which there are more units that will freeze your price, if it doesn’t drop in the next auction to the very growing interest of collectors to be done with the LaFerrari Aperta.

Is by all known that in these moments the luxury vehicles have become a value-refuge, a fact that is leading to the revaluation of daily models that just a few years ago even were not able to find the owner. We’re in a bubble with all of the law.

laferrari-spider-2017-peven Before it was officially presented the LaFerrari Aperta, since we became echo of the first unit the convertible version of the LaFerrari is already being offered for a value of $ 5.1 million. Confirmation of this resale price, the LaFerrari Aperta would double its price even before it leaves the factory, something that is encouraging other collectors to bid very strongly for the rest of units that will be built.

Source: Mecum Auctions