This LaFerrari received a nice touch in Budapest: this is the result of crashing a sport of 963 HP and 1.2 million euros

Is this a new case of accident incomprehensible to the wheel of a supercar? It seems to be. Another way costs to explain that a Ferrari LaFerrari to lose control in a street of Budapest, in Hungary, and ends up colliding with three parked cars next to the curb. The specific details of the accident have not transcended, beyond these images, published by the web and the community of Facebook W├Ârthersee GTI-Treffren. In any case it is clear that the damages are important, in front, flap front, radiators, etc., which necessarily involves a substitution of panels of carbon fiber.

Are in danger of extinction, the Ferrari LaFerrari? is Not the first incident in which we see involved to a Ferrari LaFerrari. We are talking about a highly exclusive sports, which have seen only 499 units, with 963 HP of power that necessarily, nor are they within the reach of all the pockets, or within reach of a driver who is not sufficiently skilled to deal with them, and smart enough to desbocarlos solely and exclusively in a ground controlled.

Of its power, and its benefits, it is understood that any error, or any action unconscious, can end in disaster really expensive to repair. In any case I keep asking the same question as always: what are the drivers of supercars are more likely than the rest to suffer accidents showy, and sometimes absurd? or is that simply it is easy to see these accidents in the social networks by the amount of mobile phones with a camera that is there in the street? you know, if you star with a Ferrari please be very clear that someone is going to be around to portray your incident. If you star with a Seat Marbella, I’m very much afraid that there will not be anyone to portray the scene.

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