This lamp is the add definitive to your desktop if you are crazy for Audi

Today, Audi has surprised us and not, not has done so with a new car, with the launch of the Audi TT RS (“The next Audi TT RS will choke Nürburgring”), or with a Audi Q2 RS (“An Audi Q2 RS (especially if you have this pint) makes a lot of sense”), but that we have been presented a system of modular lighting joy of fans of the industrial design and the brand of cars… what A desk lamp? Yeah, you know, a car brand is attached to a design studio, a firm of furniture, a lighting company and…

no, it is Not only a design exercise, you’ll be able to have this lamp next year:

This system of modular lighting has been developed jointly between Audi and ‘occhio, and baptized as Sintesi, has been based on the aluminum and the LED, presenting with a simple and clean design that reminds us of the aesthetic idea that is often followed with Audi in the design of their cars..

has been presented on the occasion of the fair “Light + Building”, in Frankfurt and far from being a mere design exercise will be on sale in 2017, although for now we do not know its price.

why is it modular? The head of the lamp, with LED technology developed by Audi, can be interchanged with different bases, bases that are additionally equipped with a driver gestures that allow you to change the intensity of the light.

Gallery of images of the lamp developed by Audi and’occhio: