This Lancia Delta HF Integrale “Martini 6”, which is as new, looking for owner

do you Want a compact sporty, very special and eye-catching, and with a lot of history behind it? Then you have to be very attentive to the gem which we present to you today. This is a brand new Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione 1 “Martini 6”, a work of art on four wheels that is to auction in Paris on February 3, 2016 and that, beyond the fact of being a Delta HF Integrale, enjoys sufficient added value to that extent figures are daunting and out of reach of most mortals. What is special about this Lancia?

This unit belongs to a special edition, to celebrate the six titles of constructors consecutive achieved by Lancia in 1992, of which only built 310 units.

For a start let’s remember some of the keys which have become the Lancia Delta HF Integrale in one of the sports classic’s most desirable. This unit, manufactured in 1992, has a four-cylinder engine and 1.995 cm3, 16 valves, turbo and 210 HP of power. Is associated with a manual change of five relations, and four-wheel drive.

beyond this aspect, let us remember that the line “Martini 6” was released at the end of 1992, by way of a special edition limited to 310 units, to celebrate the sixth constructors ‘ world title – in a row – Lancia. The drivers title that year what would Carlos Sainz at the wheel of his Toyota Celica.


This special limited edition was marketed dressed with war paint, with the traditional decoration of Martini, and the stripes of red and blue going through his body, the lateral line and on the tailgate. Also missing stickers with the emblem HF, the message “World Rally Champion” in the defences and the low, and a large rear spoiler with the inscription “Martini Racing”.


also On board we find other special details, such as their seats in Alcantara with the emblem HF in the headrest.

we are Probably facing one of the versions of street most interesting and unique of a HF Integrale, which invites us to think that there will be bids really strong for this car. It is the unit number 184, 310 produced, and is in a state impeccable, worthy of a museum. Over more than 20 years has had only one owner, that judging by these images of what care has been taken with great care. And this unit has travelled less than 28,000 kilometers along its life, an assurance that we are looking at a purchase very special.

Source: RM Auctions
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