This lawyer uses japanese his McLaren P1 as a car journal (with video)

McLaren P1 abogado japonésThe world of supercars is something complex today. These vehicles are so exclusive and within the reach of very few, many times fall in the networks of the speculation and spend years stuck in a garage tucked in picking up dust. The reason of some of its owners is simply that they are revalued to sell them for a greater amount to its initial price. But luckily not everyone is well and we’ll find the true passionate.

Is the case of Go Nanase, a lawyer of Tokyo (Japan), who is the owner of a brand-new McLaren P1. Hiramatsu uses the supercar as its car journal, going from home to work every day and parking this beast hybrid to the side of the other normal vehicles in the parking lot of the office. And this means that also will hold the jams mañaneros and the busy life of the city.

Although the lawyer admits that he doesn’t care and that enjoy of your vehicle all the time. But on all the weekends. Nanase is a true ‘petrolhead’ and frequents the circuit Fuji International Speedway, where confesses to having reached the 300 km/h on the main straight. It is also customary to go to the toll road of the Hakone Turnpike, also known as the “Nürburgring of Japan” per your requirement.

Go Nanase before having this McLaren P1 he had been the owner of a McLaren 650S, making it clear that he is a true fan of the brand. I even had to travel personally to the factory Woking, which describes itself as a “museum of modern art,” and there he fell in love with the color green British Green now wears his P1. Thanks to the video released by the brand, it is clear that the nearly 1,000-HP car of Hiramatsu are being well-used.

Source – McLaren