This Lexus RC F is our mount for the 6to6 Europe Tour 2016

As we will reveal the other day, participating this year in the 6to6. It is a unique occasion of which we are proud because it is a privilege to be the only means of communication that will complete the entire tour as a member of the exclusive family.

The European route of sports meets his 10th anniversary and we didn’t want to perdérnosla so the best way that has happened to us is to live it from within. But this adventure would not be possible without the collaboration of Lexus, which has put at our disposal one of their sport more passionate.


This is our vehicle to cycle through the eight cities of the above route, from Dussendorf to Monte carlo. Our colleague Fran Valley will complete the route at the wheel of a spectacular Lexus RC F body White Nova, decorated for the occasion with vinyl of war of shades of green and black as is usual in all of its participants, in combination with the 19-inch alloy wheels forged aluminium FORGED HIGH+.

The attractive coupe japanese equipped under its hood a powerful propellant V8 5.0-liter atmospheric that produces nothing less than 477 HP and 530 Nm of torque, enough to reach 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds while emanating a deafening sound from its four exhaust outlets. A whole beast in line with the rest of the members of the 6to6.


The body decorated with a pure white base contrasts sharply with a passenger compartment whose upholstery semianilla in leather it looks like the intense color red. Their seats have a design very sporty-looking type bucket stitching detailing surface is very dynamic perforated material in the back and central part of the base.

this Is the finishing Luxury, the highest of the range, equipped with series LED headlights triple beam with adaptive system of road lighting (AHB), heated front seats and ventilated, audio system Mark Levinson with 17 speakers and DVD, Warning of a voluntary change of lane (LDA), Adaptive Cruise COntrol (ACC) and System Precolisión (PSC) with assistant of braking and pre-Tensioners of safety belts.