This McLaren 570GT is the latest of McLaren Special Operations and comes from the hand of Jean-Paul Gaultier

McLaren will shine at McLaren 570GT on the occasion of the event Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille, how? Because as the british brand has accustomed us, to blow special edition with stamp, how does not, of McLaren Special Operations.

This special issue, this McLaren 570GT By MSO Concept finish in the tone Pacific Blue, is the first example of the McLaren 570GT that has gone through MSO, wearing by the way, in addition to the bluish hue of its body, a number of details courtesy of MSO, as the interior in carbon fiber with a gloss finish, the exterior details finished in black…

in Addition, beyond the color scheme and the touch of the carbon fiber, MSO has given this 570GT a new exhaust titanium finished that, beyond their sound, it is 30% lighter than the original exhaust.

This tribute to the good taste, without harshness, taking advantage of the beautiful silhouette of the McLaren 570GT, comes from the hand of Jean-Paul Gaultier, together with the british manufacturer to go to this appointment with the elegance that is celebrated on the 4th of September at the Domaine de Chantilly in Paris, and where there will be a parade of cars in the that will not fail, of course, this McLaren.

Recall that mechanically the McLaren 570GT account with a version of 570 horses the supercharged V8 of the brand. McLaren proposes this model as a car more focused on the comfort, more isolated.