This McLaren P1 GTR homologated for road costs 3,99 million euros

McLaren P1 GTR ventaa few years Ago, the McLaren P1 GTR it was released as a supersports purely for circuit. It was the manager to satisfy those customers who participate in courses but who do not need this vehicle for the day-to-day. For that was already the McLaren P1. But it seems that some had not enough with that, and since recently Lanzante has been commissioned to confirm these copies so that they can roll on the open road.

This is precisely the case of the vehicle that appears in the images. This McLaren P1 GTR homologated for street has been put on sale in the portal, although we will have to move to Amsterdam (Netherlands) to close the acquisition. As you can imagine is not exactly cheap, has a price of 3,99 million € ($4.3 million). At the height of its exclusivity, since there are very few units of this type.

McLaren P1 GTR ventaOnly have been manufactured 45 units of the P1 GTR, a exemplary very limited. It seems that the conversion to register it and that you can shoot on the road is still pretty popular, but do not know the exact number of customers that have decided to change their supercars. Also it has been said the value of the kit that you receive, but judging by the final price, has to be quite high.

In any case, this McLaren P1 GTR black, with a look rather sinister, take the same mechanics that their brothers and sisters. The hybrid drive system combines the gasoline engine V8 biturbo engine of 3.8 liters with another electric motor. In total, there are 1000 HP power joint for a vehicle which can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and reaches 320 km/h of top speed.

Source – GT Spirit