This Mercedes 500SL hides a dark secret called the 2JZ-GTE

it is Not possible to dissociate Toyota Supra and the ) 2JZ-GTE. This fantastic engine, turbocharged, three-liter and six-cylinder in-line has fed two generations of the Toyota Supra and its margin of potentiation is already legendary. A block that supports up to 600 HP with no modifications of importance. For vicissitudes of life – unknown to us – has finished under the hood of a Mercedes 500 SL R129, in place of your huge V8 300 HP of power. The resulting hybrid is exciting and wonderful in equal parts.

The seller will assess bids on a minimum of 2,65 million yen, just over 20,000 euros.

This Mercedes 500SL with japanese soul is on sale in Japan for an amount of and 2.65 million yen, little more than 20,000 euros. In addition to his engine – now I’ll talk about – the car has received a transformation aesthetic worthy of mention, discreet but effective. His look darkened is complemented by a tire Yokohama AVS Model 5 of 19 inches and a suspension Bilstein lowered. Prestacionalmente, you could distinguish the train of front wheels of a Ferrari F50, composed by discs Brembo 350 mm of diameter.

DNA Italian is also present in the seats, from a Ferrari F355. Curious choice of seller, it would have spent close to 70,000 euros in all the modifications to this Mercedes 500SL. The roadster itself retains its hardtop roof, as well as their axes, and the limited-slip rear. Under the hood is where all the surprises. The propellant 2JZ-GTE has been conveniently modified, using a large number of pieces of the mark HKS, including a new turbo T45S.

Able to blow 1.6 bars, this setup develops about 600 HP going to the rear axle through a gearbox Getrag six relationships. In the interior of the car, the instrumentation has been replaced by clocks TRD, as well as additional drivers for the electronics of the car and its systems of supercharging. The seller says that the car is fully functional, sounds great and just needs some cosmetic changes, the result of going pretty low suspension.

The perfect mix of character and German sobriety with the madness of a motor of high-performance, hard-supercharged. And it can be yours for the equivalent to the price of a compact diesel. Yes, you’ll have to fetch it to the prefecture Ebisu, Japan. If you want more images, the guys from Speedhunters have covered the background of this fantastic machine in one of their special. Don’t miss out.

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