This Mercedes-Benz is the bus independent of the future: it has already been tested in a route of 20 kilometres in Amsterdam (video)

The autonomous car is more and more near, and in all areas, the particular, and the professional, the public transport. Mercedes-Benz is already working on a new generation of urban buses, modern, efficient, clean and, above all, self-contained, ready to go around the city without a driver. This Mercedes-Benz Future Bus has been, for if that were not enough, the first city bus to operate a line “without driver” between the actual traffic, a line that for more inri covered 20 miles, and tracks of very diverse nature, in the city of Amsterdam.

Note the quotes that we did to say who traveled this route “without driver”. Mercedes-Benz has developed a technology that, for the moment, requires the driver to monitor the operations that the bus will be done automatically thanks to the systems that Mercedes-Benz called as CityPilot. This is a more advanced development of the technology driving autonomous Highway Pilot, focused on urban driving.

The idea of Mercedes-Benz is introducing this technology in a relatively short period of time, advocating for a system that is able to cover a good part of the route of a line of urban bus without the driver’s intervention, although this may continue to be present, be able to take the controls at any time, and should supervise the driving at all times.

The objective of this technology is none other than the to ensure routes are urban, safer, and efficient. Mercedes-Benz wants you to driving an autonomous, directed, time, GPS, radar systems, short-and long-range, and camcorders, to spread even more, with a permanent connection of the vehicle with the infrastructure, and driving without emissions of polluting gases.

Source: Mercedes-Benz