This Mercedes Unimog is the foodtruck that you can get to any site

Mercedes Unimog U318 Foodtruckto Call the attention within the increasingly competitive world of the foodtrucks is becoming more and more difficult. The Citroën HY and the caravans of vintage style are already very manidas. Maybe that’s why Sami Repo, an innkeeper Finnish, it was decided by nothing less than a Mercedes Unimog U 318 as the basis for their foodtruck. Of course, the off-road skills of this truck are one of the keys to become one of the foodtrucks that are more successful in Finland, with capabilities to reach virtually any place in the most complicated days of winter.

for years, Sami Repo, as I walked behind a Unimog, just because I liked them and wanted one for personal use, although I did not know very well to use it. Living in Austin, united States, is when this Finnish came up with the idea of starting a new career in the business world with a foodtruck, and what better than a Unimog to give life to your food truck. So he killed two birds with one stone.

Mercedes Unimog U318 Foodtruck

May seem like the kitchen of a restaurant, but yes, it is the Unimog

For several months Repo worked in the creation of their own foodtruck, making all the modifications to your liking. The most striking and remarkable is certainly the wood-fired oven of 400 pounds that part of the heart of the kitchen of this Unimog. It is precisely a furnace Spanish production. Not missing other elements such as the washbasin, a fire conventional, different surfaces of work or an installation of hot and cold water.

The Mercedes Unimog U 318 that serves as the basis for the foodtruck of Sami Repo uses a engine diesel OM 934 four-cylinder with 177 HP of power. The axes porches, traction 4×4 permanent, its high ground clearance and good angles of this truck to make it more easy to get to any site. Repo is present at corporate events, private parties and public events throughout the width and breadth of his country, being necessary for getting to many of them, celebrated in the most hard winter, a vehicle with good off-road skills.

Mercedes Unimog U318 FoodtruckThis entrepreneur also has in mind done with a Unimog to work on your farm, as well as in preparing for another of these reputable truck as a motorhome for travelling, one of his passions.

Source – Mercedes