This Mini Cooper 1977 hides a surprise in its interior, a motor VTEC Honda

What are Mini classics that we love? To start they are truly small, lightweight, an icon of the automobile, the design and the engineering. But also a perfect base for transformations more creative and spectacular, as these days it’s been for sale eBay. Can you imagine a Mini Cooper 1977 with an engine VTEC Honda? Well stop imagine it, because it is exactly what you see in these images.

This Mini Cooper of 1977 has a motor VTEC Honda, with four cylinders, 1.5 liters of displacement and around 130 HP of power.

When contemplating your extensions in the wheel arches and the streets widened as you might have guessed that this Mini was hiding something interesting in your interior. This Mini 1977, has gone through surgery to receive a transplant of engine, in particular a block-Honda four-cylinder and around 130 HP, the block of 1.5 liters, which – among others – used the own Honda Civic. Account in addition with a manual change of 5 relations, front disc brakes, alloy wheels 13”, leather seats and a paint finish in british green and white roof superb for a preparation of these characteristics.

With around 15,000 kilometres travelled after its preparation, this Mini of 1977 has been for sale these days on eBay, to close the bid finally in 23.900 dollars, 22,000 euros according to the current exchange rate. In prices of united States, this Mini costs exactly the same as a Mini Cooper S de 192 CV, completely new.

A true gem, don’t you think?

Via: Carscoop | Bring a Trailer
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