This modern SUV is the new face and future of Subaru

If I ask for Subaru, it is likely to be unable to define this Japanese brand without mentioning its sports star and his success in competition (the Impreza WRX S Ti) and their brand new SUV and crossover . Subaru’s jacket attitude, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, but from now also wants to be technology. Entertainment technology, driving aids and more. Because deep Whether you have the most technologically car in the world, because to be technology not only have to be, you must also appear so. And all this comes about prototype Subaru Viziv Future Conce pt, an SUV to be presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in a few weeks and we anticipate what will Subaru in the near future.

Subaru and points to the aspect that will strengthen in the next wave of products, technology. Because a car has to be not only technological, but also be seen.

And how will Subaru in the future? Some things do not change, or perhaps should change. There are aspects that are not negotiable, as a robust design, with the help of a good grille or additional protections in their defenses they ask loudly out of the asphalt. The most modern and innovative touch is provided by your headlights and fog, surfaces LED .

In any case, except a little more extravagant and details worthy of a prototype, and its wheels or tires, the Subaru Viziv could reach dealers with very few changes. Which leads us to think that necessarily Subaru is already working on a new model, to hit dealerships this design inheriting. It would be nice, especially if it retains its three-door body.


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The most innovative aspect of what we board where the conventional control panel is replaced by a fully digital instrumentation, and the center console is dominated by immense digital and touchpads, so this Subaru virtually dispense with buttons (I invite you to seek the buttons in the following image inside).


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Subaru also have taken advantage of this prototype to equip you with the next generation of hybrid engines of the house . For this hybrid system, which does not have too many details would have taken advantage of the new 1.6 DIT , and a four-cylinder boxer turbo, and an electric motor on the rear axle allow this SUV AWD enjoyment regardless of center differential and transmission connecting the two axes. This last aspect in the background is in line with market demand, and developments in the industry, but not avoid a gesture of disapproval, even considering that this technology is only used in hybrids, noting that the four-wheel drive permanent – with differential (or differential) – it is one of the great hallmarks of the brand


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