This Nissan GT-R with more than 2,000 CV’s breaks a record in the quarter mile

Nissan GT-R record cuarto milla Nissan GT-R it is one of the sports fastest that we can find in the market. During the past Hall of New York we saw as the renewed and improved even more. Although today we will discuss one of these copies has little to do with the series model. It is a preparation very beast, so much so that this GT-R has managed to beat a record in the quarter mile.

The team EKanoo Racing, which is based in Bahrain and is dedicated to the preparation of japanese vehicles mostly. With its Nissan GT-R have managed to do the quarter mile in 7,168 seconds and at a speed of 336,44 km/h. It has been in the Bahrain Drag Racing Championship and to get this brand becomes the fastest in the world, using a chassis fully serial, which is one of the things that don’t change on the GT-R.

But there will be many others components that have been modified to make it the fastest. Magnus Motorsports has been in charge of the implementation of the twin-turbo V6 of 3.8 liters, and now develops a power that they say that exceeds 2,000 HP. in Addition it is his first race after the preparation, so we can expect that to come to better results, and new records with the time.

While we wait for this Nissan GT-R download 7 seconds we’ll talk about some of the other vehicles EKanoo Racing already have achieved it. In your garage come with a Toyota Supra highly prepared that managed to do the quarter mile in 6,57 seconds. Not to mention your Toyota GT86 ‘Pro Import’ that does the quarter mile in 5,87 seconds and at a speed of 403,94 km/h.

Source – EKanoo Racing

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