This Nissan Leaf is the car 150 million from the japanese brand

Nissan is one of the oldest companies of the sector of the car world. It was founded in Japan in the 1933 and, after several restructurings, it became the firm we all know today. As we know, currently, the brand belongs to the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and at the end of this year could become the first car manufacturers worldwide.

To achieve this milestone global production of vehicles of the Alliance surpassing for the first time in its history the 10 million cars. To be achieved, a large part of the merit in what has nippon mark, as in these days the leaders of the firm are celebrating another magic number. As has been reported Nissan, since the brand was founded have already made 150 million cars.

progression in the manufacture of the brand has been meteoric in the last 30 years for the first 50 million cars manufactured by the reached in the year 1990. After this date has achieved the 100 million cars assembled in the year 2006, that is to say, barely a decade after the first milestone. Now, he manages the 150 million units, confirming the good behavior that they are living through the sales of the worldwide company.

Of these 150 million cars produced 58.9 percent have been manufactured in Japan, 10.8% united States, 7.9 percent in Mexico and the rest (22,4 percent) have been fabricated in China and other locations of the signature as Malaysia or Africa. This proportion has been changing with the passage of the years, because in 2006 (when she won the 100 million cars manufactured) production in Japan reached 76.5 per cent.

This gradual offshoring of production of your country of birth has allowed him to grow exponentially, as Japan is one of the most expensive countries for car production. The model that has achieved this sort of event has not been another that the new Leaf and to celebrate, makers of the brand and all the staff of the factory where it assembles the model have been held with a family photo next to the model.

Source – Nissan

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