This Nissan Patrol ‘Fanta Lemon’ that ran in the Dakar in 1987 is brought back to life

Nissan Patrol Fanta Limón Dakar 1987

Today we bring you one of those stories that surprise in the automotive world. Maybe some remember the Nissan Patrol ‘Fanta Lemon’ that appears in the images. It is an all-rounder who participated in the Paris-Dakar 1987 and was part of a project ‘Made in Spain’ that began a year before. A group of engineers from the Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTCE) in Barcelona, took the popular Patrol to run in the rally.

This model had an engine turbo four-cylinder and 2.8-liter that developed 146 BHP of power. In 1986 he was a winner in the category of diesel in some tests as the Tunisia Rally, the Baja of Aragon or the Rally of the Pharaohs. Then came the sponsorship of Fanta Lemon (which remains as a nickname for the car) due to the interest of Coca-Cola in leaving to see your advertising on the Dakar. That test was the true target.

And the January 1, 1987 would begin the adventure. Among the 312 participants, the Nissan team Fanta Lemon had two cars, the 211 with Miguel Prieto and Ramon Termens; and the car 212, piloted by the brothers Jorge and Hansi Babler. 13,000 kilometers of the hard race meant that the 212 had to leave. Luckily the vehicle 211 managed to finish in ninth position, leaving the first among the diesel.

at The end of the competition the cars were removed. The 212 whereabouts remain unknown to this day, but the 211 was donated and has remained in the collection of Salvador Claret nearly three decades. Although in 2014 the people of the NTCE looked on the Internet and put hands to the work: back to life the legendary off-road for its 30th anniversary. would Not be a task facie casel, since many components of the Patrol were in a very bad state.

Nissan Patrol Fanta Limón Dakar 1987

Were searched for old parts and also had to buy components second hand for this task. But after more than two years of hard work of eight members of the NTCE, the Nissan Patrol Fanta Lemon was completely restored the past month of November. Of being totally helpless had become a clásido that was still able to roll it in your ground favorite. To prove it, took him to the harsh sand of the Sahara, being a huge reward for all the work done.

Source – Nissan