This Opel Vivaro Surf asks you to go to catch waves and space classy

vans gaining ground increasingly among those looking for a practical and spacious car that fits into your needs, space and, why not say, distinction. Hence Opel does not want to be left behind in this niche and you confirm to us that there will be Vivaro Opel passenger leisure-oriented, and will be based on the Opel Vivaro Surf you see on these lines, which currently It is a prototype.

Opel Vivaro 2014: generational faced Opel Meriva

Highlights of the Vivaro Surf, its two-tone body design, in a coppery brown and white exterior adhesives. The overall gain further presence with wheels 17 “signed by Imrscher. In its roof has bars that can be loaded on skis, surfboards, snowboards, etc., over a length of five meters.

For this prototype we have chosen a powerful engine, a BiTurbo version 1.6 CDTI with 140 hp and 340 Nm of torque with which this business, come over, and capable of loading with up to 2,900 kilograms, it reaches 180 km / h. Its use would remain in only 6.1 liters / 100 kilometers, approval, and 160 g / km of CO2 .


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For this prototype would have chosen a double cab version of , which would be available body with short wheelbase (and 3.2 cubic meters of cargo) and long wheelbase (4.0 cubic meters of cargo) and space five or six passengers.

opel-vivaro-surf-01 The cargo space has been equipped with a system of rails, boxes and utensils atmosphere enhanced by the blue light on the sides and the roof line.

opel-vivaro-surf-02 A board has all Opel technology, including IntelliLink system, and mixed upholstery leather and fabric.

According to Opel, the Vivaro Surf not only opens the door to new passenger versions more focused on leisure, but also limited, very similar to this prototype edition, which could see production soon .

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Opel Vivaro 2014: generational faced Opel Meriva

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